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Research Resurgence at UT Dallas

Research operations have transitioned from “maintenance-only mode” to resuming limited research activities. The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff are our number one priority. It is expected that anyone returning to campus for research will practice social distancing, utilize face masks in accordance with University policies , and practice good hygiene.

Laboratory building access should be dedicated to data collection, whereas data analyses, group meetings, and manuscript preparation should continue to be performed remotely. Research faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students will be the vanguard for our return to the campus; it is imperative that we as a community lead by example.

Both undergraduate and graduate students should work with their faculty mentors and lab PIs to be elected through the process outlined below to receive the appropriate access, training, and guidance.

The Returning to Campus Research Activities webpage includes instructions for principal investigators to obtain approval for personnel associated with research activities to return to campus. The process begins by submitting a web-form to elect personnel, request necessary resources for lab space (e.g., disposable face coverings and custodial supplies), and completion of the required training module. Elected personnel will be required to complete a daily health screening for any possible COVID-19 symptoms before reporting to campus and to self-isolate when necessary. A web-based scheduling tool will be utilized to enable teams to coordinate activities while maximizing social distancing.

Research, Campus, and Environmental Safety

Research, Campus, and Environmental Safety (RCES) continues to operate per normal, with Safety team members available on campus. Laboratory waste pickups continue, as needed, but schedules may be shifted. Research laboratories should submit waste pick-up requests using the online Laboratory Waste Pickup Request form. RCES staff will continue to assist Central Receiving in safely handling and delivering packages containing chemical, biological, or radiological materials to laboratories. Fire and Life Safety and Occupational Safety staff are also on campus to support ongoing safety needs.

In the event of a critical event, spill, or other laboratory emergency, please call UT Dallas police dispatch at 972-883-2222. Qualified vendors are prepared to support the campus with decontamination, should it be needed. Please email safety@utdallas.edu for general assistance.

Laboratory Animal Care

The Laboratory Animal Resource Center (LARC) is providing services to support the phased return to research, and is continuing to ensure animal health and welfare. Please provide LARC staff with a 24-hour notice for any extra supplies needed to ensure they can accommodate the request as soon as possible. To contact the LARC, please email:

Venture Development Center

Access to the Venture Development Center (VDC) and the Blackstone LaunchPad continues to be restricted. Only companies officially designated as essential entities and registered with the UT Dallas Police department may have access and allow employees to report for work. Other startups and current members of the VDC will have virtual access to resources. Questions should be directed to Kim Warren, Manager of Operations and Services for the VDC . Questions about Blackstone LaunchPad should be directed to Dresden Goldberg, Director of Programs and Operations for the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


UT Dallas researchers from across the University’s schools and laboratories have donated the following personal protective equipment to frontline medical personnel in both Dallas and Collin counties:

  • Facemasks: 12,070
  • Gloves: 120,360
  • Surgical gloves: 2,425
  • N95s: 191
  • Disposable gowns: 600
  • Shoe covers: 720
  • Tyvek suits: 6
  • Disposable lab coats: 30
  • Alcohol wipes: 2,850
  • Face shields: 101
  • Hand sanitizer (2oz. bottles): 973
  • Spray bottles of disinfectant: 74
  • Containers of disinfectant wipes: 40

“As we’ve transitioned some of our research activities to functions that can be done remotely — such as writing papers and analyzing data — our laboratories have supplies that can be essential for maintaining the health and well-being of the DFW community and our health care providers,” said Dr. Joseph Pancrazio, vice president for research and professor of bioengineering at UT Dallas.

These donations represent the University playing its intended role as a community partner and in spearheading efforts that help strengthen North Texas.

If you have resources to donate, please email research@utdallas.edu.

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