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Administrative Units (Expanded Essential Personnel)

Return to Campus Process

Step 1:  VP/Dean/Provost Designates “Return to Campus Coordinator” for Unit/Department

Step 2: Supervisor Provides Elected Personnel List to RTC Coordinator for Approval

Step 3: Supervisor Submits Return to Campus Electronic Form

Step 4: Supervisor and Personnel Attend Training (eLearning)

Step 5: Department Authorized Representative Will Use Online Tool to Request Safety Supplies from Facilities Management (1 week in advance of return)

Step 6: All Personnel Complete Daily Health Assessments (link via email) and Report to UTD Facility When Scheduled by Supervisor

Repeat steps 2-6 when Administration approves an increase in staffing level.

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graph showing expanded essential personnel have returned to campus

Research Units (Restricted Capacity)

Return to Research Process

Step 1: Principal Investigator (PI) Reviews Procedures and Elects Personnel

Step 2: PI and Personnel Complete Training

Step 3: Personnel Reserve Time

Step 4: Personnel Complete Daily Health Assessment and Check Into Reservations

Personnel must repeat steps 3 and 4 for each research session.

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graph showing research at restricted capacity

Full Capacity

  • All restrictions are lifted and normal operations have resumed.

Minimally Restricted Capacity

  • Registration for campus access may be required.
  • Physical distancing or other requirements remain in place.
  • Working remotely (from home) remains strongly encouraged.

Restricted Capacity

  • Registration is required for campus access.
  • Campus access is only permitted when performing on-site data collection or maintenance in research facilities.
  • Physical distancing or other requirements are in place.
  • Working remotely (from home) is strongly encouraged.

Exemption Only

  • Only critical research is allowed and restricted to employees with approved exemptions.
  • Exemptions for critical research and campus access is granted by request and approval by vice president for research.