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The University of Texas at Dallas’ spring 2021 schedule is now available in CourseBook. The schedule of classes is a dynamic body of information. Therefore, we encourage all students to check their schedule and email periodically for any changes.

Important Dates

  • Last day for registration is Thursday, Jan 14.
  • Late registration and add/swap period is Friday, Jan 15 – Tuesday, Jan 26.
  • Spring 2021 will begin Tuesday, Jan 19.
  • Census Day is Wednesday, Feb 3.
  • Last day of classes is Saturday, May 8.
  • Finals will occur Monday, May 10 – Saturday, May 15.
  • See the spring 2021 Academic Calendar (pdf) for more information.

Spring classes will be taught in one of these modes:

You can also view an infographic with the different modes (pdf).

Traditional* The course will be taught face-to-face. Instructor and students meet according to the schedule. Limited availability due to classroom spacing.
Blended (Hybrid)* This option will be a combination of online and face-to-face meetings. Students will meet all together one or two days per week face-to-face; the rest of the meetings will be online.
Flexible (Hyflex)* This option will be a combination of online activity mixed with face-to-face meetings This will be a student group rotation model. Students will select in Orion the day of the week to attend face-to-face. Faculty will deliver instruction face-to-face in the classroom. On the days when not in class, students will attend class online with synchronous (i.e., in real time) transmission.
Remote* Synchronous online learning at the day and time of the class. The instructor delivers the instruction from home or the office. Students complete the course at a distance.
Online* All instruction and testing will be online.

*All course modes will have an asynchronous (i.e., does not happen at the same time) online learning access for students who cannot come or choose not to return to campus.